CPSA recommends several outside resources with links to their websites.

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Foundations in Classical Architecture: Lectures by Calder Loth

Here are four lectures by architectural historian and CPSA vice president, Calder Loth, that were produced by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. The illustrated lectures were recently boosted by the Wall Street Journal as an excellent means of learning about architecture while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Foundations of Classical Architecture: Roman Classicism

The Foundations of Classical Architecture Part Two: Greek Classicism

The Foundations of Classical Architecture Part Three: Motifs & Details

The Foundations of Classical Architecture Part Four: Classical Design Principles

Additional Calder Loth Lectures from Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA)

Palladio and Britain

British Architectural Library of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


Palladio Museum

Also houses the International Center for Palladian Studies (formerly the Andrea Palladio International Center for Studies of Architecture), Vicenza, Italy


Palladio’s Italian Villas

A website introducing 16th-century Italian Villas designed by Andrea Palladio


The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

The mission of this Richmond, VA museum is to elevate the power of transformative architecture and design.