Palladiana, a biannual newsletter published in spring and fall, is mailed to all members. It features articles about Palladio and classical architecture in the US, and information about upcoming CPSA tours and events. Calder Loth, architectural historian, is the editor in chief of Palladiana.

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We welcome submissions to Palladiana. We like research or articles about Palladio and the influence of his work on American architecture as well as reviews of books on the subject. Submissions should be approximately 1500-2000 words with illustrations or photographs as possible. Please contact us by email to suggest your article and word count. Review the online versions of Palladiana to get an idea of the articles we print. Contact

Palladiana Fall 2019

Fall 2020

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download

Palladiana Fall 2019

Spring 2020

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download

Because of the pandemic, we are making this issue available immediately online for those of you who can access digitally. We hope you will enjoy it in this time of the coronavirus-imposed sheltering in place.

You may also access more information about classical architecture through a series of lectures by Calder Loth.  The links to the sereis can be found in the Resources section of this website.

Palladiana Fall 2019

Fall 2019

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


Barboursville: Iterations of the “Rotunda House”
by Henry Hull

President’s Letter: Tours and Travels at Home and Abroad
by John J. Zeugner

Restoration at John Hartwell Cocke’s Bremo
by Gibson Worsham

Villa Forni Cerato: Palladio’s Re-Design of an Old House
by R. Francesca Grandi

CPSA Tour: Architect Thomas R. Blackburn
Staunton, Virgina | November 23, 2019

Chrysler Museum Exhibition
TJ & Palladio: Democracy and Conflicts of Ideals

CPSA Awards Fellowship, Dylan Spivey

Andy Johnson, a new board member

Palladiana Spring 2019

Spring 2019

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


Out of Oxford: The Making of Early American Architect William Buckland
by Carter Lively and Rachel Lovett

The President’s Letter: Veneto on Our Mind
by John J. Zeugner

On the Palladian Trail
by Calder Loth

The Drawing Place
by Ailsa Thai

Palladio In Context
by Aisha Sawatsky

Farmington’s Many Faces

Palladiana Fall 2018

Fall 2018

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


Palladio for the Common Man
by Gardiner Hallock

Poplar Forest: Jefferson and Palladio in Spiritual Agreement
by Travis McDonald

The President’s Letter: Palladio at Christopher Newport
by John J. Zeugner

Discovering the Resiliency of the Veneto
by Nicholas Wittofski

A fall 2018 tour of Farmington and a 2019 trip to UK

Palladiana Spring 2018

Spring 2018

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


The Real Scamozzi
by Calder Loth

A Leap of Faith
Student essay and drawings from the Vicenza-UVA program
by Yunni Dan

“From the Grounds Up: Thomas Jefferson’s Architecture and Design,”
An exhibit at The Fralin, University of Virginia January–April 2018

Fall 2017 CPSA tour of the restored Rotunda at UVA

Fall 2018 Veneto tour is announced

Palladiana Fall 2017

Fall 2017

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


CPSA Tours Jefferson County
by Calder Loth

Scamozzi, Not Scamozzi
by Calder Loth

A Student’s View of Vicenza
by Eleanor Birle

Jill Lord, a new Board member

Palladiana Spring 2017

Spring 2017

This issue is available as a PDF.  Download


Virginia in the Veneto
History of UVA’s undergraduate and graduate Vicenza and Venice programs
by Bill Sherman

Vicenza Palladio Study Course
One-week program about interactions between Palladio and Veneto artists
by Travis McDonald

Thomas Jefferson Built Monticello: Was Palladio Looking Over his Shoulder? By Nancy R. Whitman, 2016
A children’s primer on Palladio
Reviewed by Calder Loth

Tour Planning Stages
2018 Veneto trip

New Board Members
Elizabeth Chew, Gardiner Hallock, Travis McDonald and Bill Sherman